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Concerning Him: An Emmuas podcast seeks to enrich Christians around the globe by educating and equipping them through various conversations centered around Christ, His Word, and His people.

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Episode 50

December 12, 2023

What Does It Mean to Have a Relationship With God? with Daniel Fleming

Daniel Fleming, an Emmaus alum, joins Erik on the podcast to discuss how exactly the Bible teaches that Christians relate to God. Concerning Him...



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Episode 49

December 05, 2023

A Short Guide to Islam with Beth Peltola

Emmaus alumna, Beth (Grove) Peltola, joins the podcast to discuss how the Lord guided her work with Muslims in Britain and her recent book...



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Episode 48

November 28, 2023

Can I Trust My English Bible? - Raju Kunjummen

Raju Kunjummen, VP of Academic Affairs at Emmaus, comes on the podcast to discuss Bible translation, studying Greek and Hebrew, and whether Christians can...



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Episode 47

November 14, 2023

Glimpses of the Gospel - JJ Routley

Dr. JJ Routley comes back on the podcast to discuss his new book, Glimpses of the Gospel! Order the book here: https://emmausworldwide.org/pages/glimpsesofthegospelConcerning Him -...



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Episode 46

November 07, 2023

What is CMML? - Craig Fritchey

Craig Fritchey comes back on the podcast to discuss the history of CMML and its current purpose today. For more information about CMML, visit: ...



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Episode 45

October 31, 2023

African Missions and Emmaus Worldwide - Marlon Govender

Marlon Govender from Emmaus Worldwide joins Erik Rasmussen on the Concerning Him podcast to discuss growing up in South Africa, his conversion to Christianity...