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Concerning Him: An Emmuas podcast seeks to enrich Christians around the globe by educating and equipping them through various conversations centered around Christ, His Word, and His people.

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Episode 44

October 24, 2023

Evangelism with Micah Tuttle

Micah Tuttle joins the Concerning Him podcast to discuss his ministry in Peru and in the United States along with the biblical command for...



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Episode 43

October 17, 2023

Training Young Preachers - Joel Carter

Joel Carter comes back on the podcast to discuss if and how the church should train young men as preachers.  Concerning Him - https://concerninghim.com/Concerning...



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Episode 42

October 10, 2023

GotQuestions.org - Shea Houdmann

Shea Michael Houdmann, founder and CEO of GotQuestions.org, joins the podcast to discuss the history of GotQuestions and it's purpose as an online ministry....



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Episode 41

October 03, 2023

Ministry in Rural America through Village Missions - Logan Matenaer

Logan Matenaer joins Erik on the podcast to talk about his pastoral work in small-town Iowa and the ministry, Village Missions, that supports that...



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Episode 40

September 27, 2023

Should Christians Engage in Pop Culture? - Chris Rush

Chris Rush joins Erik Rasmussen on the podcast to discuss if and how Christians should engage in pop culture. Concerning Him - https://concerninghim.com/Concerning Him...



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Episode 39

September 19, 2023

What Does Discipleship Look Life? - Reagan Banasky

Emmaus professor, Reagan Banasky, joins Erik Rasmussen on the podcast to discuss what discipleship looks like in our everyday lives. Concerning Him - https://concerninghim.com/...